logo universidad 16The agreement signed between SITCPLA and Universidad Europea, a high prestige institution, with a wide education supply, allows us to get a 10% discount in education programs for SITCPLA members and our direct relatives, in Degree, Postgraduate and Formative Cycles 1.

Universidad Europea has a wide offer of degrees, both 100% on-site as well those with a school schedule compatible with a job, so that we can have access to programs specially designed for the individual needs of every student, more compatible with our job as Cabin Crew than those of a traditional university.

Universidad Europea features a Student Attention Area adapted to the new technologies. From the Virtual Campus you can consult all kind of materials and educational resources, and have access to online tutoring, forums and chats managed by the teachers, etc.

Furthermore, Universidad Europea has a great flexibility in schedules: Campus itself has a library, IT and communications department, language center and even housing facilities for students.

You can check all the degrees imparted at the Universidad Europea in this link.

(1) Except in the degrees of Medicine, Dentristry, Doctorates and the degrees that the University expressly states excluded in the normative and in the price list published for each academic course.

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C/ Alaró 3, local. 28042 Madrid
Tlf: 91 032 79 71 - Fax: 91 563 24 04
Horario: lunes a viernes de 9:00 a 15:00
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