In SITCPLA we always care about giving our affiliates an extra value to their membership. Therefore, they get exclusive services, ranging from health care insurance to real estate. Regarding health care insurances, and throughout our insurance broker TECASE, we offer coverage with the main insurance companies in the field, with very advantageous conditions, which are an excellent alternative to the public health system.

Besides, and managed by TECASE, you can take out a loss of license insurance, unique in the market, exclusive for SITCPLA members. With this insurance, you can minimize a risk that can affect any of us Cabin Crew in our professional career, causing us serious financial damages.

Temporary Unfitness to Work. This is another insurance very useful for our members. It covers part of the income loss we suffer when we are unfit to work, due to an illness or an accident.

We also have excellent attorneys at law services, specialized in labour law, which counsels our members on labour issues, and of course free legal assistance in court is included.

You can check all the information related with these and other available services in the corresponding sections.

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