On June 18, 2021, EASA published the updated version of the Joint EASA-ECDC Aviation Health Safety Protocol Issue 3.

This is available on the EASA website.

EASA has published an updated review of aviation safety issues arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here you can find the link that leads to the Review.
EASA Safety Information Bulletin 2021-06, issued  on the 25 March 2021, on vaccination of aircrew.
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As of February 14, 2021, the European Authorities will begin to carry out random alcohol testing on flight and cabin crew members during ramp inspection. EASA’s regulation is common to all Member States.

EASA's updated ramp inspection manual is available on its website and can be accessed through the following link:


Likewise, each Member State may also apply its own national legislation. In the Spanish case, the random alcohol testing will be carried out as part of the SANA / SAFA / SACA ramp inspections, by a ramp inspector, an AESA official.

The tests will always be carried out after the presentation on the flight. The refusal to take the test equates to a positive result, with the same administrative and legal consequences.

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