EasyJet Cabin Crew based in Barcelona have set up a new branch of the SITCPLA Union. Weeks of work culminated in assembly meetings held on 29th and 30th December with the objective of founding the branch and electing delegates. Over two thirds of the EasyJet workforce based in Barcelona have joined SITCPLA and 93% of new members participated in the assemblies, clearly demonstrating the strength and eagerness this new branch represents.

The SITCPLA Board of Directors would, first and foremost, like to thank the EasyJet Cabin Crew for the trust they have placed in us and to those who form part of this Union, which has played a model role representing Cabin Crew in Spain for over 30 years. The decision of the EasyJet Cabin Crew demonstrates their recognition of the work carried out by the SITCPLA Union and provides additional encouragement and motivation to continue defending the rights of Cabin Crew.

The EasyJet Cabin Crew elected Domingo Quiñones as their delegate. He chose Esther Ferreira as his deputy. In accordance with SITCPLA Statutes, Domingo will immediately take up his position on the Union Board of Directors, their next meeting being held on January 10th.

This latest addition, along with Iberia and Air Europa, brings SITCPLA branches to three. We hope to consolidate this growth in the near future with branches in companies where we already have members, namely Vueling, among others.

We would like to end by warmly welcoming our new EasyJet colleagues, knowing they can count on all our support and wish them every success in this new chapter.

SITCPLA – Board of Directors

I easyJet Cabin Crew CLA


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