Welcome to the SITCPLA website, the Sindicato de Tripulantes de Cabina de Pasajeros de Líneas Aéreas (Airlines Cabin Crew Independent Union). Since 1986, when it was founded by a group of Cabin Crew members in Iberia, when they identified the need for a union dedicated entirely to our professional group, SITCPLA is the only professional union devoted entirely to the defense of Cabin Crew rights and interests. Presently, we are the union with the higher number of affiliates in Spain, with members in 16 airlines, and union sections working in Air Europa, easyJet, Iberia, Ryanair, as well as others being planned.

The affiliates’ General Assembly celebrated in September 2015, which approved the update of our statutes, and the elections for the renovation of the Board of Directors, in May 2016, have breathed us new strengths and resulted in a necessary change in our leadership, which combines experience and illusion, and a real passion to keep on working for the Cabin Crew.

In front of us there are plenty of new challenges, which we face with the assurance provided by our experience, and the optimistic passion for what we do. We will keep on working to build a stronger union, to advance in the unity of the Cabin Crew representation, such as our collective is always demanding. We will keep on working to achieve a deeper involvement from our colleagues in the union matters. We will keep on working to counteract the antiunion rhetoric, so harmful for workers and so useful for business owners, which demagogues stir out of ignorance, short sight or in bad faith. We will keep on working to give Cabin Crew access to all relevant information to defend our rights, making clear the complex aeronautical regulations that affect us, such as the recently approved FTL (Flight Time and Duty Limitations).

We will keep our independence, unyielding to pressures coming from other collectives, to which some Cabin Crew pseudo unions are so receptive, always hostage of alien interests. The air transport sector is one of the most dynamic in the globalized society in which we live, subject to a frantic rhythm of social and technological changes. Stay away from the ones who, clung to deceiving nostalgia, try to trick you with the siren song of impossible returns to the past. We live in the XXI century and only SITCPLA is equipped with the best possible tools to defend our rights: a deep knowledge of the regulations that affect our job, a consciousness of our profession, experience in the fight for our rights, and competence in negotiation. Values that you will only find in SITCPLA, the common home of the Cabin Crew. Refuse imitations!

Please, be free to navigate through our website and discover which is our union action: pressing with all the legal resources when it is necessary, but negotiating when it is time to reach agreements, if they are beneficial and supply value for the Cabin Crew collective.

We are waiting for you in SITCPLA. Take the step and join our team, because united we will be stronger.

Monique Duthiers Sparre


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C/ Alaró 3, local. 28042 Madrid
Tlf: 91 032 79 71 - Fax: 91 563 24 04
Horario: lunes a viernes de 9:00 a 15:00
Administración: info@sitcpla.es
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