In SITCPLA we always care about giving our affiliates an extra value to their membership.

LOGO TECASE CORRECTOIn order to deliver the best service to our members, we have appointed TECASE Insurance Broker as our exclusive partner to advise, negotiate and hire collective insurances, exploring the market in search for the best products and services for us.
Within this agreement, TECASE offers our members free personal counseling on the phone, regarding whatever doubt or subject you may have about the insurances you already have, being them hired or not throughout the union broker.
TECASE manages for us insurances covering Health, Temporary Unfitness to Work (T.U.W.) and Professional disability (P.D).

  Health T.U.W. P.D.
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Besides, on a personal basis, SITCPLA members can enjoy special discounts in other kinds of insurances, for which there are no collective agreements in the union.
You can get all the information regarding these insurances calling TECASE on 91 344 11 77, or either you can check the information in its website, in the area designed exclusively for SITCPLA members:
In the Members Only Area of our website you will find the user and password necessary to access that area.


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Aviación Sin Fronteras es una Asociación Humanitaria sin ánimo de lucro compuesta por más de 400 socios/voluntarios que día a día colaboran para que nuestra labor llegue a más de 3.000 beneficiarios directos. A través de nuestros 4 proyectos directamente relacionados con el mundo de la aviación llevamos esperanza, sonrisas e ilusión a cualquier lugar del mundo.




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Legal services

Legal services

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